ICX Chat

Why Chat matters in a Contact Center?

Web chat has been around for many years but recently it has gained significant popularity as a means of customer service. The simplicity of using chat through various devices is making it a more used form of communication for service.


ICX CHAT is a perfect online extension for businesses that want to engage in LIVE interactions with their website visitors. There are many ways in which ICX Chat enhances the online customer experience. For e.g. the solution assesses the unique needs of online visitors and matches them with the skills of the agents to find the best available expert to serve them. This means faster request resolution and higher conversion rate. While serving the customer, if the agent requires assistance, he/she can instantly access targeted knowledge resources or initiate a chat conference with a subject matter expert. Agents can push files in a chat session from the approved list, view past interaction with the customer across all communication channels and drill into them, bring up the record in the desktop CRM application, send the chat transcript to the  customer as well as set up follow up actions.

Increasing Popularity of Live Chat

More than 65% of American online shoppers currently engage in a live chat during their shopping experience and this number is increasing

Intelligent Routing

Understand visitor needs, context, profile and intelligently match them to the best available talent in your contact center

Canned Responses / FAQ / URL Push

Make chats highly productive by allowing agents to compose their message using canned responses with macros

Multiparty Conference

Ensure customers get the most relevant answers to their problems by enabling agents to collaborate with their colleagues in real time on chat contacts

Barge In / Coaching

Protect customer experience by allowing supervisors to barge into a live chat or help agents perform better via real time coaching on live chats

Live Monitoring

Supervisors can view all the Live chats and monitor multiple conversations as it progresses

Multichannel History

Get Single click access to full customer history across all communication channels with click thru into transcripts and conversations. Make an empowered impression to your customers !

Follow Up & Reminders

Take control and make customer service proactive by setting up reminders for follow ups, get reminded and reach out to customers across multiple channels

Chat 2 Voice

Deliver a WOW customer experience by allowing agents to convert a chat into a voice call thru a single click of a button