Web Callback

Ecommerce is increasing every year. Online shopping is increasing over 20% year of year as more and more of this world goes online. When you are interacting with an enterprise via the web your experience depends on maintaining the mode of communication. In the middle of a web transaction if a customer is required to make a phone call it is not going to be the best experience. Web callback allows a customer to request a callback right from the webpage. A simple request with a callback number provided would automatically generate an outbound call from the contact center to the customer.

Humanize your web experience by blending channels

One of the frustrating things indicated on surveys is the inability to switch channels and continue a conversation consistently

Create Context with Callback

With web callback you can design the callback form to collect some context information from the customer. This allows ICX to route the callback call to a relevant agent and also create a context pop at the agent desktop by using ICX Multichannel.

Maintain Customer Experience

By allowing the customer to continue to use the computer and not having to pick up and dial a phone, the experience is maintained. The customer does not have to switch to a different communication channel and dial a phone number.