Voice Logger

To deliver a great conversation experience to your customers, you know your agents need to be knowledgeable, polite, warm, consistent and proactive while communicating with your callers. You define policies, practices and invest in teaching them on the art of dealing with customers, but can you afford to stop at that and assume they will communicate exactly the way you intended them to? Of course you cannot. What you need is an ability to listen to the actual conversations that your agents are having with customers and use that knowledge to provide specific feedback and identify individual training needs on an ongoing basis. When this is done, you will see a sharp increase in your agent’s work quality and behavioral effectiveness.

ICX Voice Logger and Quality Monitoring

  • Auto record conversations¬†
  • Easy retrieval of voice file
  • Quick agent coaching
  • Supervisor review
  • Quality reports
  • Simple interface
  • SIP architecture
  • Industry standard and price effective