Voice Callback

Voice Callback is a queue management solution that ends long hold times for customers. During peak call times, callers are given the choice to receive a return phone call instead of waiting in the queue. As agents become available, the system calls the customers back. Callers can also schedule a callback for a future date and time as per their preference and convenience making the whole process totally customer centric.

Preserve Queue Position

With ICX Callback the customer position in the voice queue is preserved. A virtual proxy is appointed and the customer is called back when he/she is the first in line to speak with an agent.

Agent First Service

The system is designed to find an agent first and then call back a customer. This creates a very different experience compared to products that just call and connect a customer to a queue. ICX is focused on customer experience. For specific situations, the system can be tweaked to function in a customer first mode but this should be used for very specific cases only.

Scheduled Callback

The customer is prompted to schedule a callback time. Organizations can design the prompting to allow dynamic or static scheduling based on contact center traffic trends.


All interaction data is stored centrally and reports are available to indicate operational performance, customer behavior and efficiency of use

In Built Prompting Engine

ICX  Callback has an inbuilt prompt and collect engine. This removes the requirement to buy and implement an expensive IVR just for callback requirements.

Hosted Option

Built as a multi-tenant architecture the callback engine can be deployed in a hosted environment. This could be advantageous for large companies with multi-site deployments as well as companies wanted a hosted solution.