ICX SMS (Texting)

There are more text messages sent each day than there are people on Earth. With a compound annual growth rate of nearly 30% and almost 2.5 trillion messages sent every year SMS has become a major communication channel for most segments of the population. Unlike traditional customer contact channels like voice, SMS allows you to contact your customers when and where there want to be contacted at a much lower cost. It also promotes your customer service philosophy as being cutting edge and in line with current technology and service trends. Enabling the SMS channel within a contact center is not an option but and imperative.

Two Way SMS Communication

Agents using the ICX desktop have a separate SMS handling interface that allows them to communicate with customers in real time. The window has a character count to alert the agent of the 160 character message length limit. Agents are able to engage in a two way SMS chat using the interface. All incoming SMS is routed and personalized in the exact same fashion as other media to provide a consistent experience to the customer.

SMS Context Display

Context is very important and should be used appropriately. The ICX SMS system keeps track of SMS conversations from a customer and automatically displays earlier messages sent within a specific timeframe to the agent. This allows the agent to understand the context better and provide better and faster service.

Standard Integration with Gateways

ICX SMS has the ability to integrate with SMS gateways using standard SMPP or HTTP protocols. The customer can use a gateway of their choice or a standard gateway may be recommended depending on usage requirements. Short codes may also be procured and setup using expertise from Interactcrm.

Agent Friendly Interface

The agent interface is designed with SMS communication in mind. A typical SMS has a 160 character limit and the GUI has a counter that shows the length of the typed message as it is created. Additionally, contextual suggested responses are also made available based on keyword analysis.