Text Surveys

Surveying your customers is very important since that insight is what helps you navigate. Without surveys it becomes very difficult to get a pulse of what your customer is feeling and thinking. With SMS Text Surveys the moment a customer hangs up a call the system sends out a simple text survey message. The response is received and stored along with the call data providing real time insight. Such Innovation is the differentiator that could change any game.

High Response Rate

Traditional survey mechanisms included sending our paper surveys and soliciting feedback as after call activity. The response rate on such surveys is extremely small with people recycling these letters more often and hanging up immediately after the agent conversation. Text surveys are much faster and simpler and they result in higher response rates.

Real Time Data Collection

Text surveys allow collection of real time customer satisfaction metrics and real time agent performance metrics. ICX text survey reports create usable actionable intelligence.

Special Handling

If a response text is verbose it could automatically be sent to ICX to initiate an outbound call and have the callback routed to an experienced agent

Simple Deployment

ICX SMS surveys link into the phone system and are easy to deploy. There is an out of the box integration with the Avaya Communication Manager telephony platform.