Snapshot of our Platform

ICX Contact Center

A Cloud Ready, Unified Inbound, Outbound and Multichannel Interaction Management Environment

All Channels

Let us start with the consumers and see what they are doing.

They are contacting you today using multiple channels of communication, which in itself is OK  but here is what they are doing that makes your readiness all the more critical. They are starting their conversation with you on one channel, continuing it on a second channel and may be ending it on a third channel. There are no rules to their behavior except that they may jump channels and while they do this, they expect you to follow them.

In other words, they expect to talk to the same representative throughout the conversation (regardless of channel), they expect you to know the full context and history of the conversation and they expect the same treatment no matter how they contact you. For organizations that truly want to deliver a positive customer experience consistently, this requires an environment that is geared towards meeting the evolving behavior of the consumers.

So here is what we have done with our approach

Cared for Agents

We have built a solution that visibly cares about both the customers and the agents. Yes, the agents as well. We truly believe that agents need to work with an interface that they really enjoy and allows them to be productive. And so we built a Unified Agent Interface that is pleasing as hell and makes contact handling intuitive.

Put the Phone inside the Browser

This is actually the first thing we did years back. We decided to put the phone controls inside the web browser since organization were fast moving their data apps to the web and we did not want voice to lag behind, which would result into a fragmented experience.

Of course, we did in a way that it scales effortlessly, integrates with other apps easily and provides customization flexibility. As a result, this fresh new approach has allowed our customers to create innovative use cases with their process apps that they did not think was possible earlier.

Multi Tenancy from ground up

A lot of organizations struggle with Multitenancy. Ideally they would like to put in place a single platform that can be leveraged globally across multiple locations and business units but cannot due to lack of true Multitenancy.

We figured that our customers would want an environment that could be partitioned such that while common resources are shared, business specific rules, policies, access controls remain unique to each internal tenant. To make sure our customers have this advantage, we added tenant partitioning to the core of our product strategy. That means every user, every skill, every business rule, every configuration can either be shared across tenants or applied to specific tenants only giving our customers the real power and flexibility to control their platform.

Contact Blending @ the Distribution Level

Many vendors will tell you that they support contact blending. However, if you question further, you will realize that they simply allow contacts from different channels to go to agents at the same time. That is because they do not control blending when the assignment decision is made.

We knew this was a real problem that did not allow organizations to optimize work force and hence we inserted blending intelligence right at the core of our distribution engine so that if you did not want your agents to receive a chat contact while they were busy on a voice call and vice a versa, it would be a matter of simple rule configuration.

Receive, Analyze, Route, Distribute and Present Inbound Voice, Email, Live Chat, SMS, Fax, Social Media Contacts Consistently

Inbound Blending with Outbound

While on blending, another aspect that we have addressed in our platform is the ability to receive Inbound ACD contacts across all channels with outbound campaign contacts in the same session, without having to log out and change modes.

As an example, your agents could be set up to receive an Inbound Live Chat and an Outbound Telesales Campaign Call in the same session