Routing and Context Pop

Why Intelligent Call Routing is Important?

When an incoming communication is received, the more you can prepare the agent about the customer and the reason for the communication, the easier it is to handle the contact.

Absence of personalization could require a customer to repeat information, project an agent as being ignorant of the customer thus resulting in very low customer satisfaction and loyalty. To drive satisfaction and loyalty, a contact center needs to be able to route and personalize every interaction.

This requires the system to collate general information about the customer, lookup previous customer interaction history, make third party data dips into relevant databases and paint a picture of the customer in the context of the current contact. This is then used to drive how the communication is routed and personalized.

Context Pop

Traditional screen pop was designed to provide customer information like name, contact details etc to an agent along with an incoming voice call. Context Pop is the new paradigm where it is about customer context and not just customer identification. A complete context of the customer is created using the data collected via IVR prompt and collect as well as during routing and personalization analysis. Questions like; who is the customer , what is the call about, what were the previous interactions if any and the outcome are answered to be able to paint a picture of the customer within the context of the current communication.

Desktop Integration

A typical contact center operation uses some desktop CRM application to store relevant customer information. This desktop may vary from systems like Oracle/Siebel and SAP or hosted solutions like Saleforce or MSDynamics. Some companies may also have a customer desktop built specifically for their line of business. ThinConnect integrates with any such desktop application to provide a unified agent desktop.


Everyone enjoys everything custom made. One size does not always fit all. The ThinConnect engine goes the extra mile to personalize every communication. All communication be it voice, email or webchat are personalized based on customer previous communication history, profile and any other relevant information available. This makes the customer feel special and the experience drives loyalty.


Consistency across channels is critical. Customers want to be treated the same way regardless of communication channel. ThinConnect has a central mechanism to ensure that all communication is processed in a consistent fashion both from a customer perspective as well as an agent perspective. Previous multi-channel communication history is available to agents in real time. All contacts are concluded with the same wrap up screens. Routing and personalization rules are applied consistently across all channels.