ICX Proactive

Why Proactive Customer Service should be important to you?

For a long time now Serving a customer has been a Reactive and Unidirectional Communication. The prevalent thought process is, if the customers needs help, they will call us and at that point we will do everything we can to serve them effectively. That's all right but what if they got a call from you and got exactly the information they were looking for? Just think about the impact your Service will have on the customer.


ICX Proactive is designed to make this impact on customers. While you can use the Dialer to power your telesales and telecollections campaigns, do not restrict yourself to it. With ICX on your side, you can blend inbound calls seamlessly with outbound calls and have your core customer service reach out to your esteemed customers with service updates when it matters the most to them. 


CRM Call List Integration

Manual and Automatic import of call list from any CRM system. Supports up to 100 dynamic customer fields without any customization.

Sorting, Filtering and Prioritization

Using the embedded design tool, supervisors can effortlessly sort the call list, apply business criteria on them to create sub lists and, prioritize the leads

Preview Dialing

ICX Proactive supports deisgn and execution of Preview Dialing campaigns so agents can preview the customer records before contacting them. To control agent productivity, preview can be timed with an auto call launch.

Predictive Campaigns

Predictive capability of ICX Proactive allows organizations to execute large call lists within a relatively short span of time and allows contact center agents to remain focused on handling live calls only. This means the system automatically detects and disposes bad connects such as Busy, No answer, Answering Machine etc.