MultiChannel Callback

With our current lifestyles time is becoming more pf a premium with every passing day. We do not seem to have enough hours in a day to accomplish all that we would like to. Would it no be wonderful if we could request companies to call us back instead of us having to call them, wait in queue for an agent and listen to IVR messages that are often non relevant.

Multi Channel Callback allows organizations to offer their customers with a choice of various callback options.

When on hold in a voice queue the system prompts the caller to opt for an immediate or scheduled callback. The caller can then hang up and get on with other things and a callback is initiated when the callers’ position in queue reaches the front and an agent is available. It is like getting someone else to hold your position in queue.

If on the internet a consumer can request a callback via a company website. The consumer may choose certain options based on which the appropriate agent could be selected before callback initiation.

With all of us on mobile phones and the popularity of texting, this system allows a consumer to send a text message to an organization and that could then automatically generate a callback to the consumer’s mobile device.

Callback may also be integrated with social media by allowing a callback request from a facebook page for example.

Being considerate of other peoples’ time is very important and a key aspect of good customer service implementations. Callback allows you to improve customer service , generate loyalty and increase revenues.

Advantages of callback are as follows
  • Reduces abandoned calls resulting in better sales and service
  • Better PBX utilization
  • Manage peaks with lower staffing costs
  • No agent training required
  • Less stressful agent interaction with customer
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Does not require expensive IVR but can also work with external IVR
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Low TCO and quick ROI