Positive Customer Experience with Voice Self Service

I nteractive Voice Response (IVR) is the most common method of voice self service. IVR systems are often integrated with speech technologies to allow the caller to speak responses instead of using the telephone keypad. In some scenarios this could lead to enhanced customer experience.

ICX SIP IVR has the following characteristics

  • Ability to integrate with back end systems to retrieve real time data required for decision making
  • Easy management interface that allows flow creation without a lot of professional services expense
  • Flexibility to create multiple tree structured call flows that can guide the caller effectively and with less complexity

Things you can do with ICX IVR

....and many more

Screen Calls

ICX IVR can help segment callers  by identifying the department they are calling, the reason of their call and use this to connect their call with the right group of employees.

Data Directed Routing

ICX IVR can dip into the customer database to identify the caller, thier Language Preference, Relationship Type, Priority Status, Special Treatment and make an intelligent decision on call handling treatment.

Business Processes and Phone Transactions

ICX IVR Callflows can be customized to encapsulate virtually any business process that allows callers to service themselves and perform a variety of transactions such as


  • Check account balance
  • Reorder supplies
  • Top up charge card
  • Check ticket availability and status
  • Buy tickets
  • Pay membership fees
  • Pay bills
  • Track usage
  • Find store locations and get directions