Intelligent Call Routing

Even though multi-channel contact centers are becoming more important with customers communicating using multiple devices, VOICE still remains the most common mode of communication. Majority of customer service provided today is via voice and people still like to speak to real people. There is a lot that can be done to enhance the customer experience when a call comes in. Some examples are
  • routing the call to the agent best skilled to answer the call
  • routing the call to same agent you spoke with earlier if this is a repeat call
  • routing the call in such a fashion that you reduce wait time as well as average handling times and deliver operational savings as a result
Ensuring that the system is flexible and has the ability to create adaptable call flows is critical. Effective routing is the key to customer loyalty and operational efficiency.

ICX Orchestration Manager

Apply value based routing rules to incoming calls by aggregating multiple criteria elements from multiple sources

Route Callers

Use the CRM database to decide the best agent skill to route the calls

Reduce Call Handling Time

Pre-identify callers and screen pop them so that agents don’t waste time searching customer records on the call

Find Me

Automatically find business partners by calling all their listed numbers till a live call is encountered

Real Time Service Monitoring

Bring a supervisor into the conference automatically if the call with agent exceeds X duration

"How do I increase my rate of First Call Resolution and my call handling capacity without increasing the number of agents? "

Increase Responsiveness

Anticipate customer needs and reach out to them proactively with service information like Account updates

Enhance Service

If the right skilled agent is speaking to the customer, the caller needs are addressed more effectively

Reduce Agent involvement

Provide automated responses to standard transaction oriented inquiries of the callers

Reduce Call Transfers

Match the caller intention with the agent skill set