Believe it or not people are still buying fax machines. Companies that have been in existence for a long time like manufacturing businesses tend to use incoming faxes as a communication mode with customers. Faxes tend to be prevalent in B2B scenarios and don’t make up a large part of multi-channel communications. But they cannot be ignored. Incoming faxes are typically received using an integrated fax gateway such as Rightfax and then the communication is presented to the agent as an email with an attachment. Reporting granularity is maintained to be able to segment the fax communication metrics.

Fax Viewer

Incoming faxes may be viewed using the integrated fax viewer. The interface is kept consistent with the other channel interfaces to reduce agent training and allow a pleasant agent experience.

Fax Gateway Integration

Standard fax gateways like Rightfax are integrated with the ICX platform so that incoming faxes can be automatically received and effectively routed to the right agent.