Enterprise Texting

97% of text messages are opened and 83% of them are opened within one hour. This makes it obvious that SMS is a critical medium for instant communication. It has the asynchronous flavor but is also a good way to reach people in an immediate fashion. ICX SMS can incorporate this mode of communication into the fabric of the organizations both internally and externally. To reap the benefits of texting as a mode of communication, an enterprise texting platform needs to be instituted within the organization.

SMS Campaigns

ICX SMS allows enterprises to create customized SMS campaigns where each message is created on the fly before being sent out. This allows customized messages to be sent out instead of the typical spam style messages.

GUI Driven Administration and Reporting

All administration from creating message content to list management is handled by a web based interface. Integration management with multiple data sources is also part of the system. Reports are provided to monitor the effectiveness of the system and allow for maximum benefit.

Internal Communication

Notification to employees about important events and disaster management using texting are just a couple of many ways an organization can benefit from an enterprise texting platform

Customer Notification

For customer facing operations, simple features like outbound notification for things like low account balance, flight delays etc. could add significantly to customer experience