Why EMAIL matters in a Contact Center?

The current generation is all about data communication. Over 85 billion emails are sent every day and this number is increasing at over 8% per year. The advent of smartphones and tablet computing have made it a lot more convenient to send email from any location. An activity that was constrained to a physical computer is no longer dependent on being seated in front of a machine.

The total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts in 2012 to over 4.3 billion accounts by year-end 2016. It is apparent that companies have to be able to increasingly handle incoming communication via email.

Allowing customer service agents to effectively manage emails and provide quick and accurate answers is crucial. Customers tend to ask multiple things within a single email and the system needs to allow multiple subject matter experts to collaborate and provide the most accurate answer as a single response. Keeping the agent interface intuitive and simple ensures that agents are productive. A happy agent translates to a happy customer.

Keyword Analysis & Routing

ICX automatically spots business keywords to identify the customer need and uses that to route the emails to specific skills so that the right talent is assigned to resolve the customer problem. Emails that are part of conversation are automatically sent to the conversation owner.


Collaboration allows multiple agents to work on a customer response so the customer receives a single comprehensive response to multiple queries from the best experts


ICX automatically tracks conversations , groups them and presents them to the agent along with the current email so that agents have full perspective on the history of request

Subject Matter Experts

ICX allows agents to easily tap into the vast back office talent to help them answer complex queries. These experts can use their standard email clients like MS Outlook to receive requests from agents and respond to them.

Multichannel History

With ICX, agents have a single click access to the complete communication history of customers with click thru into transcripts, conversations, wrap up outcomes

Follow up & Reminders

Never drop the ball on customer service. ICX allows agents to remember commitments made to customers and proactively reach out them by way of follow ups

Trouble Tickets

ICX workflow engine provides an easy integration with a Ticketing System to automatically create a Service Request record and insert the Ticket Number in all customer communications

Cherry Picking

ICX  allows supervisors to look ahead at the queues and override the automatic work distribution algorithms by manually assigning emails to specific agents. This is a very useful capability to help bring a human perspective to the operation.

Quality Monitoring and Control

ICX provides rules based Email Approval capability that automatically sends outbound responses to a supervisor for Review and Approval based on agent quota, restricted content as well as customer type

Auto Response

ICX can automatically send a contextual response to the customer based on business rules that evaluate the email content so that customers don’t have to wait for standard information