Cloud Contact Center

Cloud deployments are becoming popular as companies prefer to make smaller CAPEX investments. A Cloud Contact Center solution has to be multi tenant and built to support cloud deployment requirements. Interactcrm provides a SIP contact center solution that can be hosted in a cloud infrastructure. The system can be setup and integrated with SIP trunks. Full call control functionality including desktop CRM integration is supported within this setup. Multi-channel capabilities like email and webchat are also supported as part of the contact center suite.

SIP Telephony

ICX SIP allows a hosted deployment of voice contact center features using SIP. SIP trunks can be provisioned to carry voice traffic and plugged into ICX SIP to provide routing and personalization capabilities.

Email Capability

Email management functionality can be setup in a hosted environment. Emails are routed based on keyword analysis and easy to use administration tools are provided as part of the system.

Web Chat

Hosted web chat has been around for a while but as a silo. ICX web chat in a hosted environment is integrated into the entire omni-channel contact center solution to provide a comprehensive view of the customer interaction across different media.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is a critical requirement in a hosted deployment. ICX reports provide insight into interactions across all channels and allows for usage tracking.