Avaya Services

Implementation Services

Design, Develop, Integrate, Test, Roll Out and Support

Avaya Interaction Center

We are the global experts on Avaya IC with over 12 years of experience with over 100 engagements across the globe.

We have integrated Avaya IC with most of the leading CRM platform such as Siebel, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Pivotal, PeopleSoft as well as home grown applications.

Avaya Experience Portal

We enjoy developing IVR applications. The task of creating a Human-like intuitive experience while communicating with a machine is a challenge that we look forward to. Our approach is to put Human behavior in the center and design the whole experience around them, to fit IVR into the way WE communicate.

For many years now, Interactcrm has been developing IVR Self Service applications based on VoiceXML, CCXML, SGXML, and Speech technologies. Our chosen platform of IVR solutions is Avaya Experience Portal and Nuance Speech Suite, and we maintain the deepest level of expertise on these platforms

A big advantage that we bring to an IVR project is our web experience that is derived from building multi-threaded web application products for the contact center; designed to scale thousands of concurrent users. This experience allows us to make the right decisions when we write the IVR applications and proactively fine tune the underlying web container to smoothly handle performance demands.

While the applications are endless, Interactcrm can work with you to deliver a solution that best fits your needs, brings innovation to your process and enhances your caller experience. Some of the ways you can leverage the IVR are-


  • Use IVR to identify callers accurately using backend database
  • User IVR to Identify caller intent, discover relationship context and use that to intelligently personalize call treatment
  • Use IVR to facilitate a variety of information look ups from Account balance, Order Status, Claim Status, trouble ticket status, Discount deals, Reservation status, Appointment Schedule, Ticket availability, Locate Stores-Branches etc
  • Use IVR to execute business transactions like book a ticket, pay bills, order products, apply for a job, top up account balance, request documents, register a trouble ticket
  • Remember the caller behavior on the IVR and auto adjust IVR progression

Avaya IQ

We have delivered over 30 IQ installations worldwide in both Turnkey and Software only flavours across single and multiserver set ups

Education Services

Global Delivery of Knowledge

Interactcrm has a long history of providing industry leading education and training solutions for Avaya Business Partners & Enterprise customers. We have delivered bootcamps and programs on multiple Avaya products such Avaya IC, OA, AACC, AAEP, Avaya IQ, CIE and AES training courses under the Avaya University brand to a diverse group of audience from different cultures. The courses are delivered by experienced Technical Consultants and it provides hands on practice on various pieces of the solution.

Interactcrm has delivered over 200 weeks of training to over 1500 students, helping various business partners and customers in over 25 Countries all around the globe.